Connected to Innovation

At Rold, we work every day producing and reinventing components for individuals’ connected experiences: our solutions and technologies pioneer the future of digital Home and Professional Appliances.


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Applied creativity and quality research continue to produce innovation at Rold, after 50 years: now on they become products and services that have an impact on people’s life in a positive way. Think how connectivity will improve our experiences.

Applied technologies


Open innovation means working in partnership with our customers to make the consumers safer, more comfortable, connected.



Industry Internet of Things means enabling technology for the future factories: innovative and intelligent plants in order to better monitor the situation every time everywhere.




We are committed to extending education and development programs at all levels of our company and support our region schools in enhancing the students learning paths.


Our components are continuously improved in efficiency and performance, to help our customers innovate their appliances and their consumers to live safer lives, reducing their environmental footprint too.

Tangible innovation