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Industry 4.0 in real time

The Internet of Things is one of the new frontiers, now consolidated, of the use of the Internet. No longer just people or “legal entities”, businesses, are recognizable on the Internet, but even things can be. Featuring an overview of sensors, devices, networks, APIs, apps and data.

IoT solutions are based on Big Data characterized by massive volumes of structured and non-data that allow the analysis of data in real-time (eg for telemetry) and off-line (eg for predictive maintenance).

Today, organizations are looking to take advantage of this aging environment to increase operational efficiency, improve product performance and enable disruptive business models.

Rold uses IoT and Big Data solutions for its Smartfab solution.

SmartFab provides advanced process management and data categorization, allowing the profiling of users and storage of data in a relational database, available in cloud too.

  • Modular and upgradable platform
  • No changes to existing processes
  • Data collection directly from measurement points on the production lines
  • Historical data archive
  • Creation of statistical reports for any production field
  • Display of the production plan for each resource or machine
  • Multidimensional data analysis
  • Ability to create reports on efficiency and on causes of inefficiencies of production phases

SmartFab brings a substantial change to the control paradigm of production processes: from reactive (as a function of scheduled events) to proactive (in response to scheduled events but under continuous monitoring and improvement, so as to anticipate the emergence of critical situations).

Organization becomes fluid and the role of workers and managers is key: the ability to connect the physical world to digital data creates a true productive digital twin.

This is the first step in a broader digital strategy that must be successfully pursued by companies that want to extract value from previously uncontrolled process areas.

The ability to make more objective decisions: this critical factor falls within a wider organizational issue, namely that of understanding the context and make the right decision. Managers today make objective decisions within an highly complex organisational environment. Often these decisions are based on both objective data and on experiential elements and are therefore subjective. SmartFab collects solid real time data, becoming the crucial decision-making tool (whether operational, tactical or strategic) and facilitates an understanding of the production process. In the past, we relied on experience to understand trends.

With SmartFab we can now make the information available at multiple levels, permeating the production process.