Industry 4.0Integrated devices

Industry 4.0 in real time

SmartFab is the ideal solution to enable any manufacturing company to monitor, analyze and manage data and optimize production processes. An innovative idea by Rold in partnership with Samsung. It is the practical application of Industry 4.0, with data always at your fingertips, in “real time” on touchscreen, smartwatch, or smartphone display.

SmartFab just works. It has been created for manufacturing companies by a manufacturing company who, seizing the opportunity of Industry 4.0, has designed and developed a solution that takes into account the real and practical needs of industrial companies and their production processes. SmartFab application in Rold production plants has transformed its organizational model.

Rold SmartFab is the “ready to use” platform, connecting people, machines and information, to allow companies an easy access to Industry 4.0 at an affordable cost. The combination of technology and “usability” allows the digitalization of machinery (from the most recent to older models) so that data is readily available anywhere and to anyone through smart devices. Rold SmartFab sends data directly to the operators, eliminating the need to search it manually.

Having the factory constantly at your fingertips, enables better decision-making

SmartFab is a system which uses everyday devices and maintains high levels of security and data ownership. Smart Signage touch screens are installed along the production lines to control and analyze the most important information, making data readily available. Offices are remotely connected with touch screens so that management can comprehensively oversee production. Moreover, mobile devices (smartphones and smartwatches) allow the direct management of alarms, error codes and problems in real time, resulting in a quicker response to potential emergencies by remaining constantly connected.

SmartFab also expands the use of digital devices inside the factory, utilizing high-resolution touch screen boards, to guarantee versatility, extended connectivity and cooperation among workers and with the control and line management systems.

Objective: to improve efficiency and quality, increasing production line performance and optimizing costs. With people at the center of the system, assisting them in the decision-making process.

SmartFab can be installed in any manufacturing environment, on different machines and on existing infrastructure.

It is positioned at a level between the MES and the production lines (machines). SmartFab does not replace the MES, but works in parallel with production software and provides instant and constant support.

Its strongpoint is that it connects the physical world with the digital world by providing an immediate reading of process data directly from the production line.

This results in:

  • Immediate data recovery
  • Granularity of information
  • Interoperability with different field protocols
  • Integration with the ERP either directly or through the MES
  • Ability to share information easily with all workers involved

SmartFab can be used in companies with high output serial production

In such companies, management needs to check frequently the status and activities of individual production resources and plant efficiency, with the goal of saving even just a few minutes per production cycle.

The ability to quick identify which process parameters to act upon are a key factor for success and, in the long run, can increase the production yield.

It is a quick and ideal fit for all industrial environments:

  • Manufacturing companies, mechatronic sector, food industry, pharmaceutical, plastic, textile and automotive.
  • Companies with serial production
  • Companies with a strong focus on innovation
  • Companies that want to share production data among multiple decision makers
  • SMEs

SmartFab is an effective production “trainer”

SmartFab is an effective production “trainer”: precise, accurate and practical. With rapid and comprehensive performance information. In order for companies to achieve more efficient processes and added value, it is vital to keep an eye on three important key areas: time, quality and production costs.

It helps a company to accelerate its processes. If a company can view the production rate at all times, it can keep its finger constantly on the “pulse of the situation”, that is the process parameters (including the OEE), so it can immediately identify the best performing machines and those in need of remedial actions. SmartFab enables continuous improvement, with people learning from the process itself in real time. Workers benefit from a system that notifies them of any critical machine conditions, while continuing to operate in accordance with procedures. Everyone involved in the process, depending on their level of responsibility and expertise, can critically evaluate the production process to identify areas in need of increased efficiency.